Generate Revenue from

Excess Inventory


Best Practices that Minimize Inventories and Maximize Value Recovery

Are you looking to turn end-of-life or excess inventory, customer returns or defective product over quickly? We provide flexible surplus inventory management solutions in even the most challenging of markets.

Inventory Business Solutions

GREEN HK’s Inventory Business Group is the industry’s leading inventory solutions provider, giving you the ability to custom design solutions and managed services that address your unique needs. We have more than 10 years of experience providing assistance in managing inventories that provide our customers cost-saving and revenue-enhancing solutions. The goal of the Inventory Business Group is to provide business solutions designed to assist customers with the financial aspects of their inventory levels.

Revenue recovery on your excess inventory equates to an increase in profit margins

At GREEN HK we have proven marketing channels to move your product, backed by one of the largest sales forces in the industry which is dedicated to securing you the greatest return on your investment. Our team’s market insight will help you make informed decisions to manage your inventory. Through its inventory management programs, customers have access to the Member Services online portal which allows them to view the live status of any consigned inventory, all sales activity and any recovered revenue. For OEMs, the revenue recovery on their excess inventory equates to an increase in profit margins; they’re losing less money so profits go up.

GREEN HK ‘s 40-person Inventory Business Group provides custom services that address your individual needs. Our goal is to build successful partnerships while meeting each customer’s business objectives. In one case, GREEN HK put together a trade-in program where the customer consigned excess inventory to GREEN HK . The OEM then used the recovered revenue to purchase new parts; not having to put any money out-of-pocket. Through this program, revenue recovery combined with cost savings provided by the GREEN HK sales team further increased the customer’s profit margin.

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