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GREEN HK INDUSTRY LIMITED Is a global electronic parts distributor, committed to providing original manufacturers, contract manufacturers, electronic factories, IPOs and electronic parts traders at home and abroad with all kinds of spot acquisition services of electronic devices, providing products with the best price and best quality assurance . We have high-quality supply channels, stable and continuous supply, long-term stock of a large number of stocks, fast and timely inquiry and quotation, fast and accurate delivery are our characteristics.

We always adhere to the OCS service principle of guaranteeing customers the original product (Original), reducing procurement costs (Costown), and shortening the delivery cycle (Short LT). We serve the vast number of electronic product demanders in the global field wholeheartedly, and are committed to building Integrity and win-win component trading platform. Relying on rich distribution experience and market demand-oriented, we have become a semiconductor emergency device supplier, solving for customers all kinds of electronic products such as unpopular, partial, discontinued, emergency, and out-of-stock integrated circuits. Components. The company has always insisted: “Quality first, reasonable price, fast delivery, service-oriented, and customer development philosophy and purpose, providing the most satisfactory service to the enterprise is its responsibility, through a strong market service network system The company provides standardized, professional, diversified and all-round high-quality services!

Our service: Provide customers with a one-stop procurement platform for global imported electronic parts, provide customers with the exact quality standards of the original manufacturer, and provide customers with VIP service channels

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